The Kaldor City Company, also known as the Kaldor Company (AUDIO: Escape from Kaldor) or simply the Company, ran the sandminers on Kaldor in the 29th century. (AUDIO: Checkmate)

The wealth they generated made the Company the most powerful organisation on the planet, making it the effective government of Kaldor City and beyond. The Company was controlled by the Founding Families and the Chairholders. (AUDIO: Occam's Razor)

Storm Mine 4 was one of the Company's sandminers. When three of the crew were killed, Kiy Uvanov told Leela, whom he held responsible, that she had cost him and the Company a great deal of money. Ander Poul thought Uvanov was the best pilot the Company had ever had. Ten years before the murders, Uvanov had allowed a member of his crew to die rather than lose a promising storm. As he got results, the Company didn't want to lose him and he retained command.

The Company placed D84 and Ander Poul aboard Storm Mine 4 as a precautionary measure after receiving letters from Taren Capel about a "robot revolution". (TV: The Robots of Death)

By 2889, Uvanov became the company's First Master Chairholder. (AUDIO: Occam's Razor)

Although it initially isolated Kaldor from other planets, fearing that contact might reduce their profits, the Company eventually started selling its robots to other planets, such as Ventalis. (AUDIO: Occam's Razor, Robophobia)

The Company ran the Kaldor Company Fusion Plant. (AUDIO: The Sentient)

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