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Cadence "Kady" Williams was a human woman who became the host of the Gestalt. The Gestalt granted her increased longevity and durability and advised her at all times, guiding her to travel across time and space in a timeship.


Life on Earth[]

In her early life on Earth as a normal, the woman who would later become the Gestalt's host Kady did not yet use the nickname, instead going by her birth name. She has a fulfilling career as an organiser of nonprofits such as charities. Eventually, she got married to a man who had recently divorced the mother of his child Bill, to whom Kady did her best to be a good adopted mother. However, things chafed between Kady and her husband because Kady had had to give up on her job to make the marriage work. Eventually, the husband started seeing Bill's mother again and they split up, with Bill's father naturally retaining custody of the child. (PROSE: Ring Theory)

Bonding with the Gestalt[]

Shortly after the divorce, Kady crossed paths with a dying woman who was trying to save "a little girl" and asked Kady if she could save her in her stead. When Kady accepted the task, the Gestalt, which had been possessing the dying woman, passed into Kady with all the attendant powers and responsbilities of being the Gestalt's host. Kady was generally glad for the newfound sense of purpose as the Gestalt began directing her across time and space in their timeship to right various wrongs. However, in the process, she gave up any chance of staying in Bill's mother, something she later felt regret about. (PROSE: Ring Theory)

As host of the Gestalt[]

Over a period of years travelling as the host of the Gestalt, Kady only had cause to refuse one of their commands once, when they tried to get her to sacrifice Bill for some greater good. Other than this incident, which remained a painful memory, she embraced her new heroic role. Her first travelling companion was the bat-like Miaki, whose later death Kady felt guilty for. She then travelled and mentored the psychic powers of Lyth. Kady's third companion, Elya, was an enemy-turned-friend who betrayed Kady and died trying to steal the Gestalt. Kady's adventures included a visit to the planet Viska, a "near-death planet" which "technically didn't even exist", where she solved a trading dispute. She also crossed paths with Donacho Munchausen. Across her travels, she saw "planets where the sun never [shone]" and "places where there [had] never been any light, ever".

She once found herself in a crashed spaceship, losing access to her timeship. The ship was inhabited by a malign intelligence known as the Gentleman, who looped rooms within the labyrinthine interior of the ship and filled some with nightmares drawn from the visitors' past. She spent weeks wandering the ship with Chris Cwej, Larles and Kwol, whom Chris's Superiors had sent there to apprehend the Gentleman and bring it back to the Base of Operations for trial. Despite initial mistrust on both sides, they managed to work together to defeat the Gentleman: Kady tricked it into a bargain for Chris, Larles and Kwol's lives in exchange for the Gestalt. Once the Gestalt's hive mind passed into the Gentleman, its many combined wills were able to overwhelm the Gentleman's and create an exit for the time-travellers before destroying the Gentleman from within. Though Kady was greatly weakened by her brief stint as a "normal human" again, the Gestalt immediately returned to her after the Gentleman's death. She said quick goodbyes to Chris and his companions as the Gestalt pressed her onwards to her next adventure. (PROSE: Ring Theory)

Investigating something on 2010s Earth, Williams crossed paths with the Preternatural Research Bureau during the "Baskerville mission". Giles asked her help in repairing Box, but she didn't know how to. (PROSE: Out of the Box)

Physical appearance[]

Kady had pale skin and brown hair, which she often dyed blue. As a time-and-space traveller, she wore goggles, fingerless gloves, and a purple suit jacket. (PROSE: Ring Theory)