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Kaagh Quest was an online game published on the BBC's The Sarah Jane Adventures website.

Scenario[edit | edit source]

Have you got what it takes to save the world from Commander Kaagh?

Level 1 Use the sonic lipstick to track down Commander Kaagh's movements in the wood. Use the sonic lipstick to capture his location data. Don't lose him.

Level 2 Commander Kaagh has activated his Perception camouflage matrix. Can you still track his movements?

Level 3 Objective Now watch out for the coloured drones - make sure you track them down before they interfere with your signal.

Winning Tracking Complete. You have successfully managed to track town Commander Kaagh.

How to play?[edit | edit source]

Use the mouse to click with the sonic lipstick on Kaagh, whenever he appears behind the trees. In level three also click on the drones.

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