Kaagh Quest was an online game published on the BBC's The Sarah Jane Adventures website.

Scenario Edit

Have you got what it takes to save the world from Commander Kaagh?

Level 1 Use the sonic lipstick to track down Commander Kaagh's movements in the wood. Use the sonic lipstick to capture his location data. Don't lose him.

Level 2 Commander Kaagh has activated his Perception camouflage matrix. Can you still track his movements?

Level 3 Objective Now watch out for the coloured drones - make sure you track them down before they interfere with your signal.

Winning Tracking Complete. You have successfully managed to track town Commander Kaagh.

How to play? Edit

Use the mouse to click with the sonic lipstick on Kaagh, whenever he appears behind the trees. In level three also click on the drones.

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