KS-159 was the location of the Braxiatel Collection, as well as the Oracle of the Lost, a sentient statue that could foretell the future. It was an asteroid that, despite its size, had a relatively normal gravity. The gravity of the asteroid reached four thousand miles out from the surface. (PROSE: Life During Wartime) It was located in a system with a large, ringed planet within view from the asteroid. (PROSE: Tears of the Oracle)

Hayward Denson was the last person to own KS-159, prior to Irving Braxiatel. Irving Braxiatel won KS-159 in a card game he played against Hayward Denson on Vega Station.

The Temple of the Lost

The Temple of the Lost was located on KS-159, and looked like a Greco-Roman temple. The Oracle sat within the temple. There were also coins littered about with the Oracle's likeness on them. (PROSE: Tears of the Oracle)

2515 expedition to KS-159

Doctor Oleg Mikelz, his wife Louisa Mikelz and his personal assistant Gregor began an expedition to KS-159 in 2115. On 11 September 2115, Edward Watkinson followed up Mikelz's expedition, but died on KS-159. (PROSE: Tears of the Oracle)

Braxiatel Collection

After winning the asteroid, Irving Braxiatel decided to set up his collection on KS-159.

He claimed to have chosen the asteroid because it was supposed to be a safe place throughout time. It was later revealed that Braxiatel chose this spot in order to take control over a temporal leak that had enough power to fuel hundreds of colonies. (AUDIO: Resurrecting the Past)

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