K9 and the Time Trap was a novel published by Sparrow Books. It was written by Dave Martin.

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The entire Seventh Fleet has disappeared. The Commander says it is impossible. K-9 says that is only because the human mind cannot understand it. At just under the speed of light, he takes off across the deep starless gulf between the galaxies on another dangerous mission. He uses a battlecruiser as his bait — but first he must find the trap...

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  • K9 is loaned to the Rigelians.
  • Omegon tells K9 that he has met his master, that he was once a Time Lord and that he engineered the system by which the Time Lords travel in time. These hints point to Omegon being an alias of Omega.

Notes Edit

  • This is the first of four illustrated children's storybooks written by David Martin, co-creator of K9.
  • The exploding spaceship on the cover apparently comes from the work of Chris Foss, who painted the covers of many science fiction book in the 1970s.
  • This book introduces the space vessel K-NEL which would be referenced throughout the series.

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