The K9 Mark IV drawing was a drawing from Clyde Langer's sketchbook. Luke Smith tricked the Mona Lisa to let the K9 drawing become alive. Even though it was just a drawing it had the same memories as K9 Mark IV and acted like him. It could speak, listened to Luke Smith's instructions and recognised Rani Chandra.

Clyde drew K9 at the art lesson of Mrs Taylor. He took the drawing to the museum where the Mona Lisa was brought to life. Luke Smith realised a Chinese Puzzle Box was needed to release Mona Lisa's brother The Abomination. Luke told Clyde to draw a Chinese Puzzle Box. Despite his and Rani's concerns, Clyde drew a Chinese Puzzle Box on his sketchpad. The picture underneath the box was the drawing of K9. The Mona Lisa animated the box and with it the drawing of K9 was brought to life. She used the box to open the cabinet holding The Abomination. As the door opened and the energy was released, the drawn K9 zapped The Abomination, which prevented it from escaping, sending the Mona Lisa and the Dark Rider back into their paintings forever. Clyde looked round for K9 and discovered he had vanished. Luke told Clyde that the K9 was just a drawing from Clyde's sketchbook that was brought to life by the Mona Lisa. As soon as the Mona Lisa vanished, all drawings she brought to life returned to being drawings again. (TV: Mona Lisa's Revenge)

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