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K9: Deja Who was an online game featuring K9. This game showed him solving problems in the Doctor's place in Doctor Who episodes. It is currently offline.

Levels[edit | edit source]

  • Level 1: Rose - Present Day
  • Level 2: The End of the World - 5 Billion AD
    • K9 must chase the remote-controlled spider droids through maintenance corridors and deactivate them before they shut down the sun filters. To save everyone, K9 will then have to get past the giant revolving fans and switch on the sun shield.
  • Level 3: World War Three - Present Day
    • Sneak past the Slitheen in 10 Downing Street and switch off the advertising beacon which is offering the planet Earth as scrap. You'll have to destroy the Slitheen commander before you can shut down the advertisement.
  • Level 4: The Empty Child - 1941
    • The year is 1941. nanogenes from the future have infected the citizens of London. Collect the Nanogene clusters and return them to the capsule.
  • Level 5: New Earth 5 Billion AD
    • The plague-infected human lab rats have escaped and are rampaging through the corridors and wards of the New Earth Hospital. Collect 5 different coloured vials of vaccine to create a supercure. Plug that into the hospital fire sprinkler system to save everyone.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

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