Justice Rossiter was the Governor of Kozepén on Világ. He took a shine to Evelyn Smythe when they first met. Evelyn later became his special advisor. After they became close he asked her to leave the Sixth Doctor. He helped to repel the Killoran attack. After this, he told her the story of how he got his name, and Evelyn found this funny. (AUDIO: Arrangements for War)

In the year after the invasion, he was promoted to Principal Triumvir, as he the responsibility over all three countries on Világ, called the Triumvirate. When Evelyn returned to the planet, she stayed with him. Three years after the invasion, when the Sixth Doctor and Melanie Bush arrived to visit Evelyn, he wanted to come with the Doctor to discover where the terrorist took Evelyn. He helped the Doctor to search a hospital ward with catatonic patients. After looking at some files he realised that they were under his daughter Sofia Rossiter's hospital. (AUDIO: Thicker Than Water)

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