Just Passing Through was the fifth story in Tales of the Civil War. It featured the return of writer Juliet Kemp's character Brianna ap t'Erapi, who previously featured in several stories of Tales of the City.

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While exploring the area near Araminta District, Brianna ap t'Erapi experiences the outbreak of the City of the Saved Civil War. She witnesses the near-death of Sirithgow and gets her own hand cut on a shard of glass. With Sirithgow too weak to undergo their annual journey to Vesuvius District and deliver an important package to an old friend, Brianna promises to go instead.

Brianna swims across Araminta and discovers a newly-created apocalyptic government who help her get to Vesuvius. Once Brianna arrives at her destination, she discovers that the important package she was delivering was just a birthday present.

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