Jurassic Park was a film which involved dinosaurs being brought back to life by fusing their DNA with other lifeforms. Lucie Miller compared Zarodnix's plan to bring back Morbius, through genetic fusion with the Time Lord Straxus, to Jurassic Park. (AUDIO: The Vengeance of Morbius)

Rory Williams preferred The Land That Time Forgot over Jurassic Park. (PROSE: Terrible Lizards)

The Master, upon encountering velociraptors in Eternity, California, recalled their depiction in Jurassic Park. (PROSE: A Town Called Eternity)

When the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble were attacked by a Petal the Doctor tried to distract the Petal from Donna. When Donna asked him what he was doing he told her that he saw someone doing something similar in Jurassic Park, where upon Donna replyed that the T-Rex almost ate the man who tried it. (COMIC: Windswept)

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