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Junior Doctor Who and the Brain of Morbius was a 1980 children's adaptation of the novelisation Doctor Who and the Brain of Morbius.


  • This novelisation is based on the original television serial TV: The Brain of Morbius, written by Robin Bland (a pen-name for Terrance Dicks) and shown from 3 January 1976.
  • This the second of two "junior" novelisations written by Dicks. They were essentially rewrites of previously published novelisations — in this case, Dicks's own Doctor Who and the Brain of Morbius — but aimed at younger readers. Only one other book of this type was attempted: Junior Doctor Who and the Giant Robot.
  • The interior cover title is Doctor Who and the Brain of Morbius: A Junior Doctor Who Book.
  • Cover illustrator: Harry Hants
  • There was also a version with the white cover background being blue instead. The logo became the 1980s logo, also known as the chrome logo; and the text was smaller white. A 1980s Target logo was also inserted at the top right.

Publisher's summary[]

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  • Included several pages of illustrations

Deviations from televised story[]

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Writing and publishing notes[]

  • The manuscript was written in 1978, but not published until 1980.

Additional cover images[]

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British publication history[]

First Publication:

  • Hardcover
  • Paperback


Target, 15 June 1987 (with modified cover art)

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