Jungle of Doom was a TV Comic story featuring the Second Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon.


In a jungle on an unnamed world, the Quarks spot the TARDIS' arrival and immediately bury it under rubble. The Doctor and Jamie run as a Quark hit-squad comes after them. They barely stay ahead of their pursuers.

They come to a site where workmen are clearing the jungle. After getting the workmen to run, the Doctor and Jamie decide to defend themselves with the bulldozers. While the Quarks blast the scoop from Jamie's vehicle, the squad is destroyed. The Doctor and Jamie try to get back to the TARDIS, passing close by the enemy's ship on the way, but then come under attack by the jungle's natives, unwilling human agents of the Quarks!

The Doctor uses the bulldozer to escape but the natives warn the Quarks. The Doctor puts some distance between the bulldozer and the Quarks and then makes some modifications to the machine, removing its silencer. When he starts the engine, the noise starts a stampede among the local wildlife which destroys the Quarks (and almost the Doctor too!). He then refits the silencer and uses the bulldozer to clear the rubble around the TARDIS.



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  • The presence of recognisable wildlife and humans indicate this is Earth, but it's not confirmed and the date goes unmentioned.
  • If it is Earth, that means the Quarks have a strong presence around the planet, possibly just to get the Doctor. Either way, the Quarks have a wide-ranging presence in the universe.


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