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June Turner was the mother of Jorjie Turner and an agent of the Department in 2050. She was Professor Gryffen's primary contact with his employer.


Early life[]

June gave birth to her daughter, Jorjie Turner, in either 2035 or 2036. (TV: Dream-Eaters)

In 2048, she made the decision to replace human law enforcement officers with CCPCs. (TV: The Last Precinct)

She was a single mother in 2050. It was implied that Jorjie's father was deceased. (TV: The Last Precinct) Until then, Jorjie didn't know she worked for the Department, thinking she had a "boring job in I.T." (TV: Liberation)

The arrival of K9[]

June worked for the Department as the head of the Alien Activity section and supervised Alistair Gryffen's work with a space-time manipulator. After the night of the explosion at the Gryffen Manor, she arrived to question him. She showed him the profile of Stark Reality, who had been arrested on the night of the explosion. Gryffen (who was hiding Starkey) acted oblivious as to Starkey's escape. June showed him a recording of K9 Mark 2 (whom Gryffen was also hiding), saying he was "ugly" and he had a "terrible design". This angered K9, who rose from his hiding place behind June. Gryffen argued about his design to reassure K9, who was pulled down by Starkey before June could notice. She told the Professor to catch and turn over the robot dog to the Department; if he failed or refused his funding for the STM project would be terminated. (TV: Regeneration)

When Darius Pike and Starkey were imprisoned in Dauntless Prison while tracking a Jixen warrior, June told the Governor of the prison, Thorne, that they weren't to be harmed. Thorne asserted his authority. June contacted Gryffen, and offered to have Starkey and Darius released in return for K9. Darius was willing, but Starkey refused and they were left to "enjoy" a cell with Mr Wiffy. When the Jixen ran riot through the prison, Thorne locked himself and June in his office. When she found out K9 was in the prison, she unlocked the door herself. When Darius, Starkey and the aliens were freed by Jorjie, they were stopped by June, who ordered them to return to their cells. The Jixen arrived and a fight ensued. (TV: Liberation)

After going clothes shopping with Jorjie she left her to go home. Jorjie didn't receive her calls as she was occupied hunting the Korven with the rest of the team. June was interrupted by Inspector Drake who requested an update on the recent alien activity from her. She declined as she didn't report to him. When Drake asked her about information-sharing she replied that it worked on a need to know basis; when she felt he needed to know something she'd share it with him. (TV: The Korven)

Benefactor to the K9 unit[]

After Drake's publicity stunt at the Ferris wheel failed and Starkey and K9 became heroes, Drake blamed June's section. June said his section had no jurisdiction as K9 posed no security threat. She told Gryffen to inform her if Drake came looking for K9. Gryffen told her of Ahab and that the kids were hiding K9. Nonetheless, she gave Gryffen responsibility for K9 and made K9 and the team the official "K9 Unit". (TV: The Bounty Hunter)

After Jorjie threw a stone at a CCPC, June was convinced by Drake to enroll her daughter in Magdalene Academy. Unbeknownst to her, the students there were given cerulium bracelets that removed their free will. Fortunately, however, K9 saw that the bracelets were destroyed. (TV: Sirens of Ceres)

While Freddie Maxwell operated Crashclub, an illegal business in which robots were made to fight each other, June informed Gryffen that she could not stop it as the Department had "bigger fish to fry". However, the K9 Unit was able acquire to sufficient evidence for Crashclub to be shut down. (TV: Robot Gladiators)

When K9's memory was damaged by the STM, Starkey and the Professor helped him to recover his memories of June and the others. (TV: Mind Snap)

After disobeying Lomax's orders, June was demoted to Constable, working in the Department Research Division. She witnessed the death of K9 and was delighted to see him return to life again. (TV: The Eclipse of the Korven)

Alternate timelines[]

At the mobile HQ, June was alerted to the escape of a prisoner, who Thorne noted was a maximum security inmate associated with Project Taphony. Arriving at the manor on Gryffen's 38th birthday, June found that he had freed the inmate, Taphony, a Time Blank that had rapidly aged him while draining the energy from Jorjie. Though Taphony wished for a mother and friends, June told her that absorbing Jorjie would not make her Taphony's mother. When June and the others. When June and the others offered themselves in Jorjie's place, Taphony chose to leave via the STM vortex, restoring Gryffen and saving Jorjie. As a result of Taphony's departure, time reversed by a day and so June, along with everyone else bar K9, lost their memory of Taphony. (TV: Taphony and the Time Loop)

Other information[]

June liked to go clothes shopping with Jorjie. Jorjie thought it was so she could supervise the clothes she bought but June looked on it more as "advising, strongly advising". (TV: The Korven)


June was a staunch believer in obeying the law, although she would disobey a law she felt wrong or unjust. She was moral and despised the immoral actions of Drake, Thorne and Lomax. She believed imprisoning aliens in the Dauntless Prison was right for the future, safeguarding the world's children, (TV: Liberation) although she did meet more peaceful aliens such as the Medes, whom she released from their harsh treatment, (TV: Alien Avatar) and Yssaringintinka. (TV: Lost Library of Ukko) She was strict with her daughter out of love and concern rather than malice; June admitted at one point she would never stop worrying, and she told Drake she had stayed in the Department to prevent his world from ever existing. (TV: Black Hunger)