Juliette Vierge was a resident of Scarlette's brothel on Henrietta Street. She later became a companion of Sabbath.

Biography Edit

Juliette was born in 1769, making her no more than thirteen years old when she became engaged to marry the Eighth Doctor in 1782.

Almost nothing is known of Juliette's early life. She never knew her parents. She had a sister whom she believed dead. She spent her short childhood in the custody of an organisation whose name she never revealed; this may have been a corporation such as the East India Company or the mystical House of Dutt in India, where she may have been forcibly trained in the tantric arts by the same tutor as Lisa-Beth Lachlan. There's no direct evidence of this, except that Lisa-Beth's journals of her time in India mention an eleven-year-old girl called "Little Rose" and she would later consistently call Juliette "the Flower."

Juliette arrived in London as a "stray" at the age of twelve. With no one else to turn to, she was taken in by Scarlette. She did not work as a prostitute, something that began to grate on the other residents of the House, most of whom had to earn their keep with sex work. The Doctor and Scarlette seem to believe her a virgin, which is why she was chosen to ceremonially marry the Doctor (to symbolically tie him to the Earth). She may not have been as virginal as they thought, however.

Juliette began to assist the Doctor with his experiments. She came to be very fond of him, but after a series of vivid dreams or visions she became increasingly doubtful about the arranged marriage. Eventually she ran away from the House and changed her allegiance to Sabbath rather than go through with the ceremony.

After travelling with Sabbath for a time, Juliette returned to Earth. She was known to have spent a period on Hispaniola. However, after visiting an inmate in Charenton Asylum in 1805, she disappeared from history; (PROSE: The Adventuress of Henrietta Street) Octan removed her from space and time and placed her in a Schrodinger Cell because she was never meant to leave London with Sabbath. (PROSE: Sometime Never...)

Appearance and habits Edit

Juliette was a "pretty little red-head," with green eyes. She was intelligent, quiet and well-mannered. At first she was very subservient to her mentor, Scarlette, with a sense of great duty toward her (and, arguably, something of a romantic crush). Juliette was literate in both English and French, though she wrote without punctuation. She referred to the Doctor as "Dr. Jack-of-the-Moon." (PROSE: The Adventuress of Henrietta Street)

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