Julian Delaware was a man who recovered and restored discarded hard drives, using their contents to blackmail others. This made him a fortune. On one hard drive, he discovered and updated WOTAN, who took partial control of him.

Julian and WOTAN planned to take Torchwood Tower and oversee the production of an army of Law Machines. He gained access to the tower by lying to the receptionist and there identified Yvonne Hartman as having the clearance necessary to gain full control of Torchwood. When Yvonne arrived at the tower, she passed Fiona McAndrew's body off as herself and charmed Julian as "Annie Jones". His weakness led WOTAN to take total control of his body.

Under WOTAN's control, Julian discovered through CCTV and the Law Machines' cameras that the body was McAndrew's and that "Annie Jones" was Yvonne. He held Yvonne at gunpoint and attempted to cut off her fingers with rusty scissors for her prints. However, WOTAN's signal was stopped by Tommy Pierce and Ianto Jones and he was knocked out. (AUDIO: The Law Machines)

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