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Julia Hardwick (born 1987) was a woman in her early twenties living in England in the early 21st century.


She was the daughter of Gordon Baker and the granddaughter of Fred and Mary Baker, who died in 2009.

At some point following the death of her grandmother, Julia was exploring her attic when she saw a package labelled "Grandma". It held photographs and newspaper clippings from more than a century earlier. Among the pictures were images of a woman who looked exactly like Julia and a message warning her of the Weeping Angels which read "Julia. Beware the Angels. They will drag you into the past." One of the paper clippings, dated 28 June 1887, mentioned a woman named Julia Hardwick who claimed to be from the future.

Later, Julia found a gravestone in a cemetery for a woman named Julia Baker who was born in 1987 and died in 1949.

Before she could solve this mystery, she came in contact with a Weeping Angel and was transported back in time to 1887, where she lived out her life as indicated in the clues which she left behind for her younger self in the future, possibly in an attempt to change her destiny. She died in 1949 and her gravestone read, "A woman who spoke of impossible things." (WC: A Ghost Story for Christmas)

Unlike Kathy Nightingale, another victim of the Weeping Angels, who eventually adopted a birthdate in keeping with her life in the 1920s (give or take a few years), (TV: Blink) Hardwick/Baker never gave up insisting that she was from the future, as her gravestone stated that she was born in 1987. (WC: A Ghost Story for Christmas)

Behind the scenes[]

  • Julia's last name comes from a newspaper clipping seen on screen.
  • A Ghost Story for Christmas was a made-for-Internet "webisode" produced for the 2009 Doctor Who Adventure Calendar. Narrated by John Barrowman (in character as Jack Harkness), the mini-episode described the origin and abilities of the Weeping Angels, and included flashbacks to the episode Blink, in which the creatures first appeared, including footage of Sally Sparrow and the Tenth Doctor. The format is similar to the then-ongoing Captain Jack's Monster Files, but the short has no opening or closing credits (so Barrowman and the actress playing Julia and the writer/director are all uncredited); the only on-screen title is Weeping Angels.
  • According to the newspaper clipping, Julia is said to be from Hull. It's unclear whether this is actually the case, or if this is just where she ended up in 1887. Coincidentally this is also where Kathy Nightingale ends up when she is transported back to 1920 in Blink.
  • The webisode strongly implies that Julia somehow became one of her own ancestors, though the 3-minute short does not take the time to explore this further.