Captain Julia of the Kristeva was the favourite daughter of the Scarlet Empress. She was the most feared pirate on all of Hyspero. Julia had long crimson hair.

Julia was present at one of the Four's meetings with her mother.

Julia assembled a "motley crew" of individuals from across Hyspero; the crew of the Kristeva included one of the Bears of Kestheven, a Sahmbekart, a heron creature, and a bipedal tiger.

Ordered to by her mother, Julia captured the Eighth Doctor, Sam Jones, Iris Wildthyme, Gila, Major Angela, and the Mock Turtle. However, with all of the Empress' enemies in one place, Julia was betrayed by her mother. The Empress sent birds of paradise to attack the Kristeva. Julia was killed in the assault. (PROSE: The Scarlet Empress)

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