Jules Renan was a counter-revolutionary in 18th century France and the brother of Danielle. He helped rescue prisoners who had been sentenced to the guillotine.

In July 1794, Jules and Jean rescued Barbara Wright and Susan Foreman from the guillotine and brought them to their safe house. He promised to find Ian and the First Doctor for them and when he found Ian, Ian named Jules as someone who would help him get Webster's dying message to James Stirling, but he didn't know who Stirling was. He rescued Ian when he fell into Léon Colbert's trap. Jules killed Léon and the two soldiers with him.

He was suspicious when the Doctor brought Lemaitre to the safe house, but when they learned that Lemaitre was Stirling, Jules helped set up a plan for Barbara, Ian and himself to attend a meeting between Paul Barras and the next possible ruler of France, Napoléon Bonaparte.

After Robespierre was shot and arrested, Jules helped Stirling and the TARDIS crew escape. (TV: The Reign of Terror)

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