Judy Maddox was the Head of People for the Kerb!am shipping corporation. Her father had previously held the job, often speaking of how he wanted "organics" to get more work at the factory. She picked up his lingo over the years. She gave off a happy, enthusiastic demeanor; she had been kind enough to send Kira Arlo a box of chocolates as a birthday gift.

Upon the Thirteenth Doctor's arrival, Judy became suspicious of her and her group. At the same time the Doctor was openly suspicious about the management. This lead to her finding out about the missing people and that the janitor Charlie Duffy had been planning a mass bombing with the packages to change public opinion about corporate AI.

After Charlie perished when his plan backfired, Judy agreed with Jarva Slade to reorganise Kerb!am to be more reliant on human works than the TeamMates, determined to ensure that another attack would not happen again. (TV: Kerblam!)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Like several other characters from Series 11, Judy Maddox appears in the non-narrative Christmas webcast Merry Christmas from Doctor Who, wishing Doctor Who fans a merry Christmas.
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