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A Judoon captain was the leader of the Judoon units that were looking for a criminal Plasmavore in the Royal Hope Hospital.

The captain ordered the use of an H₂O scoop to transport the Royal Hope Hospital to the Moon as they had no jurisdiction over Earth.

The captain was the only Judoon to take his helmet off after the Judoon entered the hospital. The captain was distinguishable because of a red spot in his chest that was used to translate languages. The Judoon captain ordered the sweep of the Royal Hope Hospital as they searched for the Plasmavore. When they found her, she was executed. The Judoon captain ordered a withdrawal. They left the hospital and returned to their ship. The captain then ordered the return of the Royal Hope Hospital to Earth. (TV: Smith and Jones)

Personality Edit

The Judoon captain was brutal and personally executed a man for hitting a Judoon, even though it had caused no harm. (TV: Smith and Jones)

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