"Jubilee" was the call sign of a spitfire pilot who fought in World War II. This pilot was one of a group which included two other spitfires, Danny Boy and Flintlock. They assisted the Eleventh Doctor in an attack of a Dalek saucer. Their primary mission was to disable the device on the ship that was artificially illuminating London during a night of the London Blitz. Their Bracewell-modified Spitfires, which had gravity bubbles around them for space travel, also carried laser guns able to damage Dalek technology.

During the battle, Jubilee's spitfire was destroyed, along with Flintlock's. Both of the pilots almost certainly perished. However, Danny Boy destroyed the dish emitting the pulse, in large part due to the Doctor's efforts to disable the ship's shields. (TV: Victory of the Daleks)

Behind the scenes Edit

The call sign Jubilee is a reference to the audio drama of the same name which also featured the Daleks and was used as the basis of Dalek, the first Dalek story of the BBC Wales incarnation of Doctor Who.

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