Joyriders was an organisation founded by Garry Fletcher based on alien technology whose owners he murdered. It was situated in an industrial estate off Swallow Avenue where the aliens initially appropriated space during their travel to Earth.

The company provided clients with an opportunity to take over a body and do whatever they wanted for three hours, no questions asked. The limitations of the alien technology were that only bodies within 1-2 miles could be controlled and that the further a body was, the younger the body's owner had to be to make the transfer successful.

Clients were only accepted by recommendation and were explicitly threatened with murder if they were to tell anybody about the company. Fletcher kept a high level of secrecy, blindfolding the clients before bringing them into the company's office and even painting over all windows in the office to prevent them from returning and taking it all from him.

Initially, he ran the company with Mike, whom he doped into helping him kill the aliens. Then he organised the murder of Mike and hired Steve Hopley as assistant.

"Joyriders", as the clients of the company were sometimes called were responsible for quite a few deaths in Shoreditch, including Poppy and the family of Max Collins.

A series of coincidences, including Ram Singh and April MacLean being used as hosts for "Joyriders", brought the company's operation to the attention of Coal Hill defenders, who put an end to its operation and punished many of "Joyriders". (PROSE: Joyride)

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