Joylove McShane was a humanoid gun-runner. He had a henchman known as Yellow Stinker, who acted as the muscle. He had been recently employed by Eric Klieg and the Brotherhood of Logicians to reactivate and claim a troop of Cybermen whose ship had crash landed on the junk planet, Grot.

On Jetsam and Flotsam's junkyard planet, he claimed to be the owner of Joylove Antiques. He persuaded them to let him take over their business. When the pair refused, Joylove and his henchman forcibly took over the planet. With the Cybermen deactivated by Dutch, Joylove and Stinker fled in their ship. Unfortunately for them, the Cyberman affiliated with Zorgon was freed from a case of polymer plastic paintspray and had stowed away on Joylove's ship. The Cyberman killed Stinker, then Joylove. The ship exploded. (COMIC: Junk-Yard Demon II)

Behind the scenes Edit

The name 'Joylove McShane' could be a reference to the television series Lovejoy, in which the title character was played by actor Ian McShane; Lovejoy is an antiques dealer by trade, and counts amongst his assistants one Tinker.