Joyce Werthington was a disembodied Human woman who had left her earthly body behind leaving only her mind, which was free to go wherever it pleased. She came from the 1950s and after seeing the way the world had changed after the end of the war, She and her husband fled into the universe beyond using Astral projection. Like so many disembodied minds, Joyce would come to inhabit the Intelligence which haunted Pink gaybles, A house built on the darkside of the Moon.

Alongside Edward, she was one of the most prominant voices within the intelligence and sought to free it from its imprisonment at the hands of Iris Wildthyme. Joyce was driven by a desire to maintain her 'family', the other disembodied of Pink Gaybles and would attempt to draw others to the house and join them.

In the end the Intelligence broke free after it drew on the full force of its power to rip the house apart around it. During this time, after begging for escape aboard the Celestial Omnibus, Iris was able to make Joyce see sense. Accepting the house would soon be gone and realising there was far more of the universe to experience, Joyce, her husband and presumably the other spirits of Pink gaybles left the house. (AUDIO: Dark Side)

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