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Journey Out of Terror was the second short story in The Target Storybook.

Publisher's summary[]

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Escaping from the Daleks, the First Doctor, Ian and Barbara accidentally leave Vicki behind. Believing the haunted house they just left was a place of the mind - unaware it was actually a funfair - the Doctor uses the TARDIS' telepathic circuits to transport them to a fictional world. Finding themselves the subject of a comic strip in a handy book, the trio read how they will find Vicki in the future. Emerging from the TARDIS into a large conical spaceship, they meet young Julia Jett and her dog, Bunny which surprises the Doctor; Julia explains that she is attempting to fix a broken television satellite, its faulty transmissions having put the entire population of Earth to sleep. The TARDIS crew help Julia to repair the satellite, then invite her to join them; but the girl is not real, just a figment of their imagination created by the fictional realm as a replacement for Vicki. The Doctor tells Julia that even though he and his companions were the "spark" that started her existence, she's her own person now and will carry on living even after they depart. With Julia now self-aware, the travellers leave her to return to a re-awoken world below, now made real by her own imagination. Having returned to the real universe, the Doctor and his friends decide to steal the Daleks' time-ship and rescue Vicki.



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  • The Doctor, Barbara and Vicki departed from the Festival of Ghana, accidentally leaving Vicki behind. (TV: The Chase)
  • The Doctor says he's heard of such domains as "a land of fiction" before, but has not actually visited one. (TV: The Mind Robber)
  • Ian finds Monsters from Outer Space on the floor of the TARDIS after tripping over the book. (TV: The Chase)
  • When they land on the spaceship, Ian points out they're still moving, which the Doctor compares to their landing on Maitland's ship during their encounter with the Sensorite. (TV: The Sensorites)
  • The Doctor had only recently been wondering if the Festival of Ghana was actually a "land of dreams". (TV: The Chase)
  • Addressing the "shadows", the Doctors says that they'd have to get rid of the TARDIS first in order to keep them in this fictional realm, something he finds "quite inconcieveable". (TV: The Mind Robber)