Journey Out of Terror was the second short story in The Target Storybook.

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Escaping from the Daleks, the First Doctor, Ian and Barbara accidentally leave Vicki behind. Believing the haunted house they just left was a place of the mind - unaware it was actually a funfair - the Doctor uses the TARDIS's telepathic circuits to transport them to a fictional world. Finding themselves the subject of a comic strip in a handy book, the trio read how they will find Vicki in the future. Emerging from the TARDIS into a large conical spaceship, they meet young Julia Jett and her dog, Bunny which surprises the Doctor; Julia explains that she is attempting to fix a broken television satellite, its faulty transmissions having put the entire population of Earth to sleep. The TARDIS crew help Julia to repair the satellite, then invite her to join them; but the girl is not real, just a figment of their imagination created by the fictional realm as a replacement for Vicki. With Julia now self-aware, the travellers leave her to return to a re-awoken world below, now made real by her own imagination. Having returned to the real universe, the Doctor and his friends decide to steal the Daleks' time-ship and rescue Vicki.

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