Josiah Blake was one of the King's revenue men. He investigated Squire Edwards' smuggling ring, and thwarted Captain Samuel Pike's pirates.

Blake suspected that Joseph Longfoot was one of Pike's pirates, and while he was investigating the passageway under the church, he was captured by Ben Jackson, who didn't believe that he was working for the king. When Cherub, Pike and the Squire arrived with Polly Wright captive, they suggested that Blake take Ben and Polly as prisoners. Away from the others, Blake freed Ben and Polly, trusting them rather than the Squire. He told them about the smuggling ring and the pirates. When the First Doctor arrived with Jacob Kewper, Kewper suspected a trap and ran off, while Blake tried to stop him.

When Blake heard of Pike's plans from the Doctor, he went off to fetch some armed men. When he returned, the pirates were searching for Avery's gold, and Blake's men fought with them. Blake took a group with him to the church's secret passage, where they encountered Ben and Polly. Blake shot the man who was about to kill Ben, and he and his men continued to the churchyard. Blake shot Captain Pike before he could kill the Doctor. (TV: The Smugglers)

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