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Joshua "Josh" Carter was a member of UNIT under Kate Stewart's leadership.


Early life[]

Carter studied electrical engineering. (AUDIO: Armageddon) He attended Sandhurst Military School, where he had a reputation for being "disruptive, ill-disciplined [and for] question[ing] authority", although he claimed that he only liked to test boundaries and think outside of the box. He did not complete his training. (AUDIO: Vanguard)

Joining UNIT[]

Upon joining UNIT, Josh had several clashes with Colonel Vikram Shindi over his personality. (AUDIO: Vanguard) In 2009, he was working for UNIT as a Second Lieutenant (AUDIO: The Chiswick Cuckoos) and was later promoted to Captain. (AUDIO: Vanguard)

Stopping a Nestene invasion[]

Kate sent him on a search to find the Autons in the UK after he was concerned about Osgood going on a field mission. (AUDIO: Earthfall)

He went undercover as a Devlin Futuretech employee to get more information. He saved Jacqui McGee from being killed by an Auton. He then, with the help of Osgood, to hack the mainframe and stop the Nestene from combining. Simon Devlin then converted him into an Auton-like creature. (AUDIO: Bridgehead)

The Nestene Consciousness planned to use him to destroy UNIT. Osgood managed to overcome this control. He gained super strength allowing him to bend metal a couple of inches thick. (AUDIO: Armageddon)

Tengobushi incident[]

He helped Kate to investigate the disappearance of a UNIT scientist, when he discovered that Lyme Industries was involved. He went undercover with Kate to retrieve UNIT property from Lyme's hands. After Osgood was attacked by the Tengobushi, he helped to get her out of her flat. (AUDIO: Power Cell)

Josh and Kate in Geneva. (AUDIO: Death in Geneva)

Whilst Kate and Osgood went to Geneva, he was ordered to investigate the aliens that attacked them. After Sam told him that Anna Burges was killed to find out where Osgood had gone, he went to Geneva and managed to save her from being killed by a Tengobushi. After Kate and Osgood entered the Tengobushi ship, he tried to follow but couldn't get through the forcefield. However, using the firepower of the Geneva UNIT force,s he broke his way through to rescue Kate, Osgood and Grant Avery. (AUDIO: Death in Geneva)

He used his Auton strength to remove a Tengobushi assassin from the plane he was on after it killed the pilots. He was then tasked with abducting Lyme. During the Tengobushi attack, Osgood was trapped in the Archive, Josh managed to get her away but managed to get her first to the Jewellery room and then to command centre. He was then asked to evacuate Peter Latchen from the Tower along wit the rest of the UNIT troops. (AUDIO: The Battle of the Tower)

They went to UNIT base under the Rock of Gibraltar and he was placed under arrest by Latchen. With Osgood's help he escaped and flew an experimental aircraft to rendezvous with Sam Bishop to stop Lyme and her plans. He stayed behind to destroy the generator that Lyme created. (AUDIO: Ice Station Alpha)

Investigating the Silence[]

He trained Kate in how to use her gun. He was part of the attack on Helena Faversham's house to find the Silents and he wanted to kill them on sight. After escaping one of them, he was captured by them. (AUDIO: House of Silents)

He thought that Kenneth LeBlanc was a visionary, much to Bishop's disarray. He was conditioned by the Silents to help them. He went to LeBlanc's house to offer his help. Using his influence with UNIT and with the Silents' help, he got the Prime Minister to resign and call and election. (AUDIO: Square One)

Josh, under the Silents' influence, shows his support to Kenneth LeBlanc. (AUDIO: Silent Majority)

At the end of LeBlanc's campaign, he became extremely engaged in him winning. Osgood came to see him and stole his laptop using the same memory manipulation technique that the Silents used. He was later ordered by the Silents to assassinate LeBlanc, but when the time came he hesitated. Osgood managed to stop him. (AUDIO: Silent Majority)

After he recovered from the LeBlanc debacle, he was posted to stores as light work. He found some of the stuff from the Silents mission. After Osgood and Bishop came back to Earth, he picked them up from the middle of the Atlantic. (AUDIO: In Memory Alone)

The Silurian invasion[]

He stayed at UNIT HQ when Osgood reported on the start of the Silurian invasion. Osgood tried to get a message to him but didn't succeed. Later, Anthony Burmaster managed to contact him and he came up to rescue them. (AUDIO: Call to Arms)

He later came to evacuate Sam, Kate and Osgood from a Silurian Nest in Greece. (AUDIO: Retrieval)

Managing to get back to London, he helped Mike Yates to run the UNIT defence of the UK. He went with Yates to meet Jastrok in Westminster Abbey. Jastrok wanted their surrender. He went to the nuclear base where Kalana was setting off the weapons and fought her in hand to hand combat, knowing that his Auton enhancements would help. He managed to reflect the Fear Trigger back on Kalana. (AUDIO: United)

Brief Encounters[]

He and the team flew to South America on intelligence that a local resistance force had obtained alien technology. There they met resistance leader Captain Maria Gonsalves and discovered that she had a captured Dalek in her secure bunker. While Kate and Shindi searched the jungle for other Daleks, Josh and Osgood searched the base. They discovered a series of rooms containing human weapons augmented by alien technology and were captured by Gonsalves. Once the others returned, Josh and Shindi were led on a wild goose chase around the jungle and back to the bunker to find the missing Dalek. Having re-entered its casing, the Dalek killed Gonsalves and self-destructed, destroying the bunker. Having escaped the explosion, Josh and the team were then rescued by the American arm of UNIT. (AUDIO: The Dalek Transaction)

After seeing an apparition of a Grey Man at a Halloween party that he was attending and being the only one not terrified by it, Josh spoke to Osgood about the incident. After hearing some unsettling messages from Kate, Josh persuaded Osgood to accompany him up to Ealdon House in a UNIT helicopter. Once there Osgood discovers the apparitions of the Grey Man are caused by a particular resonance in the house and Josh is immune to this because of his Nestene skeleton. Alice Donelly had also discovered this resonance in the house years before and she wanted to harness it as a weapon before Kate’s father stopped her. With an unknown alien presence drawing near, responding to a message Alice left years ago, the team deciphered and completed the message, averting the crisis. (AUDIO: Invocation)

Josh and Osgood became trapped in a sideways dimension after an experimental travel capsule took them there by mistake. Here UNIT was run by a fascist state with different versions of the team, including himself. He was startled to discover this world's Josh and Osgood were very much an item and he had some trouble avoiding her advances. Eventually, he made it back to his own universe but with the wrong Osgood in tow. He was forced to keep up the pretence of being in love with her but this only made the others more suspicious. When the Osgood of his univese returned, Josh without thinking planted a large kiss on her lips before realising his mistake. Soon the other Osgood attempted to escape again in the capsule. Josh and the team were saved when the capsule just managed to disappear before the dimensional gateway imploded. Heading to Kate's office, this left the real Josh and Osgood's relationship ambiguous. (AUDIO: False Negative)

The Auctioneers and the Cyber Invasion[]

Carter arranged the transport of the virtual reality technology to a UNIT safe facility. (AUDIO: Game Theory)

He went with Osgood and Shindi into the virtual world to discover who created them. He theorised that the people of this world might live underground. In the world they were attacked by mutated dogs. He theorised that they could alter the world using their imagination. The hive wanted to convert him but they couldn't because of the Auton plastic. (AUDIO: Telepresence)

He helped Kate to theorise what the Cybermen were planning. He got emotional at seeing the amount of people that were killed in the battle. On Kate's orders he used a radiation gun on a Cyberman. He then helped her to dissect a Cyberman, but was attacked to be converted. After a Cyberconversion unit came after him and Kate, he sacrificed himself to allow Kate to escape. (AUDIO: Code Silver)

He used the conversion unit to knock out the Cybermen on the base and took the War Master with them. He later created a bigger version of Kate's and the Master's weapon to destroy the Cybermen on Fortress Island. (AUDIO: Master of Worlds)

A Wirrn incursion and encounters from UNIT's past[]

He was tasked with delivering Osgood to UNIT's facility The Well. When the Wirrn escaped from the container he crashed the helicopter. He welcome Shana Siddiqui to the Well and showed her all the security information she needed. He was then tasked with rescuing Osgood when the Wirrn escaped. He found the Wirrn annoying and discovered that his auton plastic stopped him from being infected. (AUDIO: Hosts of the Wirrn)

He was cautious when a capsule landed at the tower. He was knocked unconcious when making first contact. Kate got him to search the records for the Kalvyri's previous incursion to Earth. Vara tried to guilt him with the death of her child. He disobeyed an order and allowed Osgood to give Vara her weapon. (AUDIO: Breach of Trust)

He joined an investigation of the Pandora Institute. He was sceptical of what the Institute could do. He later heard the screams of Miles McLellan shortly before he died, this was during a meditation session. As part of his session with Seth Hyer, he tackled his fears, this allowed Seth to control him. He had a fear of control. He told Osgood what he experienced. When Seth tried again, Kate told him that he was a good soldier because he wanted to be not because she told him he could. (AUDIO: Open the Box)

Next missions[]

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