Josh was an employee at a DVD rental store in Cardiff.

Josh was a friend of Eugene Jones and Gary. He helped Gary to boost the eBay auction of Eugene's Dogon sixth eye. However, they accidentally won the bidding. They met Eugene at a place of transfer, a cafe called Happy Cook. They explained to him that they were the buyers. Realising its worth, they attempted to take it from him but he swallowed it. Whilst running from them, Eugene was hit by a car.

Gwen Cooper enquired about him at the DVD store. Josh pretended to know very little about him. Gary and Josh returned to Happy Cook. They asked the employees not to mention the events involving Eugene if Gwen came enquiring. However they noticed Gwen watching them. Josh attempted to run away, but Gary stopped him. They then told Gwen everything. He later attended Eugene's funeral and watched him pass over. (TV: Random Shoes)

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