Joseph Piotr Tungard was a 20th century Earth chemist.

He was born in Romania in 1924. He married his wife Natjya on 28 March 1937. Their son Luka was born four years later, but did not survive to his second birthday. After World War II they fled the Communists and moved to England, where he got a job teaching at a college.

In the 1950s, he discovered a trio of new atomic elements that freed the Lampreys imprisoned in the Time Vortex, allowing them unlimited access to the multiverse. Various time sensitives tried to travel back and kill him before that discovery. However, the Lampreys prevented all such attempts.

Monica Lamprey became his lover, manipulating him into killing various versions of Rummas before they could interfere with her plans. When he was no longer useful, Monica killed him. (PROSE: Spiral Scratch)

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