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Joseph Samuel Serf was an American born in Dayton, Ohio, on 25 May 1972. He graduated from Harvard University in 1993 and founded Serf Systems.

Serf completely disappeared from public view after a near-fatal skiing accident in Val d'Isère in 2007. He became famously reclusive, only appearing at publicity events, and started developing the SerfBoard.

In reality, Serf had died in the skiing accident. The later Serf was in fact a hologram simulation maintained by Skullion slaves led by John Harrison, the PR for Serf Systems. The hologram was capable of hypnotising individuals, which Harrison intended to use in order to make consumers buy the SerfBoard and make him rich. Luke Smith and his sister Sky later controlled the simulation and made it disappear after the Skullions had been freed and Harrison had been defeated. (TV: The Man Who Never Was)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • The name Joseph Serf was used as a pseudonym by actor Patrick McGoohan when he directed "Many Happy Returns" and "A Change of Mind", two episodes of his classic 1960s series, The Prisoner (1967-68).
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