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Jorjie Louise Turner was a rebellious teen who cared for all creatures in 2050. She dreamed of being Stark Reality's companion and later decided to help K9.


Early life[]

Jorjie was born around 2035 or 2036. (TV: Dream-Eaters)

Jorjie lived with her pampering mother in 2050. It was implied that her father was deceased. (TV: The Last Precinct) She attended ballet class. She opposed the actions of the Department and was disgusted by the treatment of the aliens in Dauntless Prison. (TV: Regeneration)

Meeting K9[]

One night she met Starkey who was known as Stark Reality at the time. When she offered to help, they were chased by CCPCs to the house of Alistair Gryffen. There Starkey accidentally unplugged part of the Space-Time Manipulator and brought through four Jixen warriors and K9 Mark I. K9 self destructed to save them and regenerated into K9 Mark 2 . Shortly thereafter, Jorjie met Darius Pike, who was attracted to her. Starkey was arrested by the Department. Jorjie hacked into virtual reality and informed Starkey of Dauntless Prison. Starkey escaped to Gryffen's house and befriended K9, Starkey, the Professor and Darius Pike. (TV: Regeneration)

Exploits with the K9 unit[]

On a stormy night, a trio of non-corporeal lifeforms came through the STM, taking on the appearance of Gryffen's lost family, and manipulating him into doing their bidding. Starkey convinced him that he, Darius and Jorjie were like family to him. Gryffen broke free of the apparitions' control, sending them back through the STM. (TV: The Fall of the House of Gryffen)

When Nehetka and Geb of the Anubians, a race whom K9 had liberated in his past, arrived on Earth, Gryffen was the first to fall under their hypnotic control. He then banished Darius from the house when he irritated the Anubians. Jorjie and Starkey were hypnotised next and Darius tried to convince K9 that something was wrong, but he was too occupied with remembering his past. Darius used Mariah to knock Geb out, using the Ankh on his chest to take control of the Anubian spacecraft and, with K9, defeated the Anubians when they attempted to take over the Department. Together, they freed Jorjie and the others. (TV: Curse of Anubis)

An accident in the STM resulted in Jorjie being sent to 23 November 1963. K9 and Starkey were sent to retrieve her. They encountered Darius' great-grandfather, William Pike and saved him from the clutches of Barker, a MI6 agent with a surprising resemblence to Thorne. This prevented Darius from being erased from history. Gryffen, with June's help, was able to bring them back. (TV: The Cambridge Spy)

Like almost all of Britain's kids, Jorjie became a huge fan of the latest VR game, Little Green Men. This turned out to be more than it seemed as Jorjie, Darius and millions of other children, were almost turned into Etydions until June convinced the last Etydion to stop what he was doing. (TV: The Custodians)

When K9's memory was damaged by the STM, Starkey and the Professor helped him to recover his memories of Jorjie and the others. (TV: Mind Snap)

With the rest of the K9 Unit, Jorjie witnessed the appearance of a black hole and white hole within the STM whose collision risked destroying the world. After losing contact with K9, who had left to retrieve his regeneration unit at the Millennium Dome, Jorjie left with Starkey to find him. While looking for K9 at the dome, Jorjie and Starkey almost kissed but were interrupted by CCPCs. Finding that K9 had been used by Thorne as a conduit to generate a space time portal which was opened when Gryffen was forced to use the temporal stabiliser in the STM to save the world, allowing the Korven invasion vanguard to arrive, it was there that Jorjie and Starkey learned that Lomax, the head of the Department, was infact the Supreme Leader of the Korven Pan-Dimensional Army and that Thorne was working with him, having had himself implanted with Meron DNA by the Korven. Ultimately, however, the invasion was stopped when Gryffen, entering the dome having overcame his agoraphobia, called out the STM's voice-activated termination code, destroying the machine and the Korven vanguard with it. Along with the rest of the K9 Unit, Jorjie was distraught to see K9 "die" having expended his remaining energy to save them from Trojan, only to be deeply relived when the regeneration unit returned and rejuvenated K9's life. (TV: The Eclipse of the Korven)


Jorjie was a very caring girl. She despised the immoral actions of the Department and was shocked to find that her mother was part of it. She was friendly and ready to help aliens, (TV: Liberation) cyborgs (TV: Mutant Copper) or humans (TV: The Cambridge Spy). Even when her life force was drained by Taphony, she was more worried about the well being of the rapidly aged Gryffen and she believed that Taphony needed help while Starkey and Darius were angry at Taphony for what she was doing to Jorjie. (TV: Taphony and the Time Loop)

Although she and Darius grew to be friends, she disliked his dodgy nature. (TV: Black Hunger)

She had a crush on Starkey, which she revealed to Darius, devastating him as he had a crush on her. (TV: Aeolian) In the middle of the Korven threat, Jorjie expressed her feelings to Starkey, leading to them almost kissing before they were interrupted by CCPCs. (TV: The Eclipse of the Korven)