Jorj was one of fifty skeleton crew members aboard a colony ship, travelling from Mondas to pick up colonists. He was a janitor, (TV: World Enough and Time) the lowest-ranking member of the crew, (PROSE: Jorj) and, as the only non-human, the only survivor after Cybermen who had come into existence in the lower levels of the ship ascended back to the upper levels and abducted the rest of the crew to convert them.

Biography Edit

Jorj, who was, unlike all of his human crewmates, not invited to the birthday party of engineer Franq, was alone on the bridge of the colony ship (PROSE: Jorj) when the ship almost traversed into a black hole and got caught in its gravity field. (TV: World Enough and Time) Jorj heard the automated alarm and eventually warned the officers, but took longer to do so than he ought to, having spilled his coffee when the sound startled him and then unthinkingly started cleaning up the mess before the officers could see it. This led to the Captain blaming Jorj for the accident.

Franq took an engineering crew (PROSE: Jorj) of around twenty to the bottom of the ship to reverse the rear thrusters. They were never heard from again. (TV: World Enough and Time) Jorj had volunteered to join the team but was forbidden to go by the Captain, who wanted to keep an eye on him. Jorj was thus also present when the Captain started to notice worrying amounts of life signs appearing in the lower levels. The Captain once again berated Jorj, who was tasked to check the ship for stowaways upon take-off, and sent a new team down into the lower levels to deal with the situation.

Shortly after, a group of patients ascended from the lower decks and took the rest of the humans away. (PROSE: Jorj, TV: World Enough and Time) Jorj, the only non-human member of the crew, attempted to fight them but they overpowered him, with him being eventually left behind as the only member of the original crew still on the top bridge. (TV: World Enough and Time)

Two days later, Jorj discovered the arrival of Missy, Bill Potts and Nardole aboard the ship's control room. He spoke to them over a monitor from a back room and advised the group to stay where they were. Entering with a gun, Jorj asked if the group if there were any humans present among them. Three inertia lifts began ascending from the lower decks containing patients. Bill admitted that she was the human and Jorj threatened to kill her. As the Doctor tried to negotiate, the lifts arrived and Jorj shot Bill.

After Bill's body was taken away by a group of Patients, he explained what had happened to Jorj's crewmates: time dilation. The Doctor, after deducing the time dilation with floor 1056 and their own, used Venusian aikido to incapacitate Jorj, and he, Nardole and Missy descended to the decks below. (TV: World Enough and Time)

Jorj woke up some time later with a sore head and realised the "blue rescue capsule" was gone, much to his distress. Even more worryingly, he noticed that after a critical system failure caused an explosion on Floor 507, the life signs of the cloth-faced monsters were still detected as making their way up the ship. He continued to cling on to the hope that his non-human status would protect him until the last entry in his log. (PROSE: Jorj)

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