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Jonathan James was the father of Kate Stewart's son, Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart.

Bography Edit

As a boy, he lived in Tooting Bec with his parents and little brother, Danny. During the evacuation of London during the London Event, Jonathan went missing during the commotion. He was rescued from a Yeti by Colonel Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart. This had a lasting impact on the young Jonathan James. (PROSE: Fear of the Web, The Forgotten Son, Of the Future)

He was usually called John by his family, and as an adult he loathed the use of the "h" in his name. (PROSE: Of the Future)

He met Kate Lethbridge-Stewart at a college in Reading; he was a science teacher and she was a student. Despite college rules, they started a relationship in late 1989. In December of that year that discovered Kate was pregnant, and agreed to visit her father to tell him. However, after witnessing an attack on the Brigadier's life, Kate decided she could not bring her child into his life, and left not telling him that she was pregnant. Jonathan used the opportunity to thank the Brigadier for saving his life in 1969. In 1990 they moved onto a canal boat, and Kate left education. Their son was born on 25 September 1990, and they called him Gordon James Lethbridge-Stewart; Gordon after Kate's grandfather, and James so that Jonathan's name was in there too. (PROSE: Of the Future)

Kate did not want to get married, but Jonathan did. This caused them to split in 1992. She barely saw Jonathan after that. (PROSE: Downtime)

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