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Jonah Bevan (born 15 February 1993) was a teenage boy who was "taken" by the Cardiff rift.

One night, while Jonah was walking home from football practice, he was transported by the Rift to a burning planet in a solar system about to be destroyed. He was rescued by a fleeing rescue craft, though not before being severely burnt. At some point afterwards, Jonah looked into the heart of a dark star, which drove him mad and caused him to scream continuously for twenty hours every day.

After forty years, the Rift returned Jonah to Earth, where he was kept and cared at a Torchwood facility on Flat Holm. Gwen Cooper tracked Jonah down and visited him, and afterwards told Jonah's mother Nikki and took her to him.

Nikki thought it was a sick joke until Jonah started saying things only he would know. Nikki hugged him but was told they should leave by a staff member. Jonah started screaming, which made Gwen and Nikki back away. His mother agreed to come visit him again, but wished that she had never learned his fate. (TV: Adrift)

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