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Jonah was the fourth and final story in the audio anthology The Eighth Doctor: Time War: Volume Two, produced by Big Finish Productions. It was written by Timothy X Atack and featured Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor and Rakhee Thakrar as Bliss.

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In the depths of an ocean world ravaged by the Time War, the weary survivors are pressed into service by Cardinal Ollistra.

Something is hidden beneath the sea: the Twelve knows the truth, if only she could drag it from her jumbled mind. And when the Doctor becomes the captain of a submarine boat, all omens spell disaster...

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  • The Doctor becomes the captain of the Bloodhound, known to the crew as Captain Jonah.
  • Major Tamasan, meanwhile, is given command of the Peacemaker.
  • The Ourashima can see multiple futures, accurately predicting be the outcome of every choice. They are widely believed to be mythical, but the Daleks seek to gain their power.
  • Jonah is a figure in Earth mythology who met an unlucky end at sea.
  • The Twelve has visited Uzmal before, but in a previous incarnation.
  • Tamasan gives the Doctor a first stage detonator for charges put charges put in the Twelve's hearts. Tamasan had a secondary one, which also catalised the Renegade Time Lord's artron energy.

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