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Space Major Jon Bowman was the commander of the Wayfarer in the 26th century.

Bowman was a bounty hunter paid by Earth Command to hunt Daleks. He had a very uneasy relationship with the Doctor at first, but his respect for him grew as he realised the Doctor's status in the Dalek Empire, even though this made him less important.

History[edit | edit source]

Before the Second Dalek War, Bowman was a veteran of the conflict between the Earth and Draconian Empires. He worked his way up the ranks during the Dalek conflict and ended up helping with defence systems for Earth. He fled when Earth Command decided he knew too much and planned to wipe his memory and send him back to the front lines as a soldier. Bowman saved the Wayfarer before it was scrapped. He also rescued Koral after her planet and the rest of her species were destroyed by the Daleks. He became the head of a force of bounty hunters and continued fighting the Daleks outside the leadership of Earth Command.

He first met the Tenth Doctor after he had to land on the planet Hurala. The Wayfarer, was attacked by pirates. He rescued the Doctor from a trap, but the Daleks ambushed him, the Doctor and his crew. He lost Stella, a member of his crew, on this attack. The crew's next mission was to take Stella's body back to her home planet, Auros. On arrival they found the planet in flames, as it had been blown up by Osterhagen technology. Meanwhile, the team had captured a Dalek and the Doctor had gained some information out of it — they were planning to take control of time on the planet Arkheon. The crew landed there and were captured by the Daleks. Bowman was captured for interrogation but was stopped when the Doctor persuaded the Dalek Inquisitor General, Dalek X, to save the remaining members of the crew. They were taken back to Hurala where he sacrificed himself to defeat the Daleks and avenge the deaths of his crew, at the same time saving the lives of the Doctor and Koral. The Doctor however rescued him and later took Bowman and Koral to Earth.

After the adventure, the Doctor visited the two where Bowman revealed that Earth Command had given him a full pardon for saving them again. Though he was offered command of a mission to rescue the prisoners on Arkheon, Bowman decided to retire instead and take Koral to meet his parents. (PROSE: Prisoner of the Daleks)

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