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Jolene was an insectoid alien that hid on Excelis. Together with the Mother Superior, it posed as a nun of the Excelis convent, assuming human form and taking the name Sister Jolene in order to oversee the exploits Iris Wildthyme after they had brainwashed her. Tasked by the Mother Superior with accompanying the party searching for the Relic with the Warlord Grayvorn, it stole the map from the Fifth Doctor in a bid to retrieve the artefact, but ultimately failed, and was left amongst the zombies who had previously possessed it. (AUDIO: Excelis Dawns)

Acquiring the longevity of life the zombies had possessed, it remained on Excelis, hidden, until the visit of the alien Queen began to approach. Posing as a prophet named Snyper, it foretold the coming of an outsider who would pass through the boundary of the city as if it were air, who turned out to be Bernice Summerfield. After encountering Iris Wildthyme at a bathhouse, it sabotaged her bus and destroyed Irving Braxiatel's personal spaceship. Knowing that the executor of its true species was coming to Excelis, it planned to use the Relic to destroy her, but failed when Iris and Benny separated the Relic from its housing, and was killed by the herd of plague-speaking undead animals it had let loose. (AUDIO: The Plague Herds of Excelis)

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