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John Ridgway (born 4 May 1940[1]) was the most prolific penciller and inker during the Sixth and Seventh Doctors' runs in Doctor Who Magazine. Mike Collins and he are the only people to draw all the regular DWM strips for a particular Doctor's era.

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John Ridgway was the only artist during the Sixth Doctor's regular run in DWM. In fact, only one other artist drew the Sixth Doctor in a DWM comic strip and that was for the |one-issue prelude to the Seventh Doctor story Emperor of the Daleks!. Despite John M. Burns and Barrie Mitchell's later turn with the character in the graphic novel The Age of Chaos, Ridgway is indelibly connected to the Sixth Doctor.

Ridgway may thus be credited with the co-creation of Frobisher, the Sixth Doctor's most enduring comic companion, as well as recurring villain Josiah W. Dogbolter. He was responsible for most comic appearances of Peri.

Ridgway had a reasonably long association with the Seventh Doctor as well. He was both the first and last artist to tackle that character's regular run in DWM — though Martin Geraghty handled the Seventh Doctor's actual swansong. Ridgway also contributed to the Seventh Doctor's appearances in The Incredible Hulk Presents. After the final regular appearance of McCoy's Doctor, Uninvited Guest, he stopped contributing to DWM.

Beyond Doctor Who, Ridgway has had an extensive career with most major English language publishers. [which?]

In 2013, 19 years after his last published Doctor Who work, he drew the sixth issue of Prisoners of Time, a 50th anniversary comic story which bought back many former Doctor Who comic artists.


Technically, Ridgway is an in-universe character. As an homage to Ridgway's work with Frobisher, Dogbolter's art collection is said to include "an original John Ridgway" in the audio story The Maltese Penguin.


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