John Leekley is an American television writer. He wrote one of the "New series document" (known in the TV industry as "the bible") for a proposed Doctor Who TV series that would have been produced by Amblin Universal in the mid 90s.

Leekley first came into contact with Doctor Who in 1993 when he was under contract to Universal's studio division, whilst on the Universal lot he met Philip Segal and whilst in Segal's office noted the Doctor Who memorabilia there.

When Segal began to work with Universal to produce what would become the Doctor Who TV movie he was pressured by Universal to work with Leekley. This resulted in John Leekley creating the 'New Series document', working with Segal, this was produced in 1994. Also in 1994 Leekley produced a script which was based on his work on the series bible. (REF: Doctor Who: Regeneration)

The Leekley Bible Edit

The text of the "New series document" – "The Leekley Bible" as it was sometimes known was reproduced in Doctor Who: Regeneration. It was intended to be the starting point of a new Doctor Who series, essentially a reboot of the series reinventing Doctor Who with only the core concepts and mythos intact.

Concepts like the TARDIS remains, as did the names of many Time Lords such as Rassilon and Borusa (though sometimes spelt as 'Barusa'). Gallifrey was also mentioned. (REF: Doctor Who: Regeneration)

Notable aspects of the Leekley Bible included:

  • Ulysses is Barusa/Borusa's son.
  • Ulysses' son is the Master.
  • The Doctor is also a son of Ulysses.

Leekley Script Edit

Based on his series bible this script set out the basics of a rebooted series. It featured:

  • Daleks attacking Gallifrey.
  • Borusa as president of the Time Lords.
  • The Doctor exploring the outer reaches of Gallifrey.
  • The Master as Borusa's son.
  • The Master wishing to be president of the Time Lords.
  • Borusa dying and his "life essence" being caught in the TARDIS's crystals. (REF: Doctor Who: Regeneration)

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