John Hopkinson was a solicitor who was called to visit Banquo Manor. He became embroiled in events there.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Hopkinson had a bad ankle, having fractured it early in his life. He was the solicitor for Inspector Ian Stratford during the divorce of his wife.

Hopkinson was a good friend of Gordon Seavers. He found his body and took a letter from it. He was aware that Richard Harries had blackmailed Gordon, resulting in his suicide.

At Banquo Manor Edit

Experiment Edit

Hopkinson visited Banquo Manor to view Richard Harries' experiments on brainwaves; he was there to give him legal advice. Richard looked down upon Hopkinson for his lack of scientific knowledge. Although Harries' experiments amazed Hopkinson, he did not like him.

Hopkinson hid behind a curtain, eavesdropping on a conversation between Harries and his fiancée, Susan Seymour. He overheard her telling him the marriage was off. George then told him the history of Banquo Manor and it's founder, Robert Dodds.

Gordon was expected at the manor but Hopkinson did not tell George of his death.

Hopkinson met Dr Friedlander when he came to assist in the experiments with his assistant Herr Kreiner. Hopkinson and Friedlander questioned Harries on his experiment, Hopkinson was not in favour of collective though as he stated "our minds are private property". Harries merely told him he wasn't bothered by the moral implications.

After dinner Hopkinson crept into Harries' lab and sabotaged his experiment. He wanted revenge on him for Gordon's death.

They all went to witness Harries' experiments; he hooked himself and his sister, Catherine Harries, into his machine. It overloaded and Hopkinson managed to take Catherine's headpiece off, saving her life; Harries was killed.

Murders Edit

Hopkinson was questioned by Inspector Ian Stratford; he became nervous but managed to put on a calm air. Stratford questioned him on his decision not to tell George of Seavers' death; he lied, saying George had been very ill and he hadn't had the chance to tell him.

That night Hopkinson dreamed of Harries and awoke to hear one of the escaped rats nearby. Hopkinson befriended Susan; they discussed the murder of Harries. Harries body was stolen and later found returned. Beryl was found death and in her hand was a piece of paper from Harries' notes.

The note had evidence of Harries' blackmailing. Stratford was able to deduct that Hopkinson was the murderer but decided not to prove it and hence, prosecute.

George and Elizabeth Wallace were found dead. Stratford, Hopkinson and Kreiner then began searching for the killer.

They found the Doctor, and then Harries. His corpse was walking, seemingly alive. Ian, Hopkinson, Kreiner and the Doctor then fled from the corpse which then followed them. Harries grabbed Hopkinson's ankle; only with a collective effort was he pulled free.

They barricaded themselves in Hopkinson's room. Dr Friedlander thought Catherine had linked with Richard while she was unconscious and that the killings were her wish to protect his honour. She agreed and halted Harries by thinking hard.

Catherine followed Ian, Hopkinson, Baker and Friedlander when they went to get chain to tie up Richard. She told them she was consciously controlling Harries in the killings, that she was connected to him and that she would now kill them. Baker knocked her over and they barricaded her out.

Catherine used Richard to break into the room from outside while she waited in another room. He came through the French window but together they forced him out and barricaded the window. Catherine shot Ian in the shoulder, Hopkinson helped tend to him.

Hopkinson and Friedlander moved to the study via a fork in the chimney. They then escaped out the window. Susan and Kreiner abseiled down to them; Susan fell but Hopkinson caught her. Simpson fell from the top window and seemingly died.

Hopkinson and Friedlander then ran, pursued by Harries. Susan and Kreiner returned to the house. They arrived at George's shed and collected some dynamite before heading back, all the time followed by Harries.

Arriving back at the manor, Ian and Hopkinson pulled aside the barricade to enter. However, Harries broke in and Catherine killed Baker. Hopkinson threw a lamp at Harries, igniting the dynamite attached to him and destroying his body. Hopkinson then wrestled with Catherine for her gun and it went off, killing her. They then left the manor.

Hopkinson married Susan Seymour and left his account of events to her after his death. (PROSE: The Banquo Legacy)

Personality Edit

Hopkinson was good friends with Seavers and so took the chance to kill Harries. His guilt made him nervous in confronting Stratford but he soon regained his composure. Hopkinson became good friends with Susan, comforting her in the chaos of events. (PROSE: The Banquo Legacy)

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