John Guilor

Guilor impersonates the First Doctor. (DOC: Rediscovering the Urge to Live)

John Guilor is a voice-over artist, best known for his impersonations of the Fourth and First Doctors in both official and fan pieces of Doctor Who media. His first official role as the First Doctor was in the recreation of the fourth episode of Planet of Giants for the DVD release, where he acted alongside William Russell and Carole Ann Ford, both of whom were impressed by his impression.

He also voiced the character in the Doctor Who television story The Day of the Doctor. He was credited as "Voice Over Artist".[1] Writer Steven Moffat jokingly stated that he hired Guilor for the 50th so that the First Doctor would finally say the word "Gallifrey" on screen (although, in actual fact, the First Doctor had said it twice previously in The Five Doctors).

He voiced Doctor Omega using his First Doctor impersonation for an audiobook. This 1906 character is known for his coincidental similarities with the original incarnation of the Doctor especially since Jean-Marc Lofficier's adapted and retold translation, although the audiobook is closer to the original text than Lofficier's edition.

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