John Fuchas was a 20th and 21st century American blockbuster mogul.

Sometime before 1978, Fuchas became hugely successful by making a film about "spacemen and their dinky robots".

Fuchas spent thirty years making a multi-billion dollar film adaptation of Reginald Tyler's The True History of Planets. Initially, Fuchas intended to use Ron Von Arnim's stop-motion models in the film, but he later decided to use CGI instead. Fuchas chose Noël Coward's song Martha to be the movie's theme tune. The film was finally released in either 2007 or 2008.

Anji Kapoor and Fritter came to 1978 with a copy of Fuchas' The True History of Planets and showed it to Ron Von Arnim. Enraged that his hard work would be replaced with CGI, Von Arnim drove to Fuchas' ranch with an army of murderous living stop-motion models. Von Arnim tied Fuchas to a chair and had him surrounded by models. The Eighth Doctor punched Von Arnim in the jaw, knocking him out and returning the models to lifeless statues. Unfortunately for Fuchas, the Doctor forgot to untie him from the chair. After the Doctor left, Von Arnim reawakened and killed Fuchas with the models.

Upon discovering the Doctor's mistake, Anji Kapoor remarked, "I suppose this means an end to great big blockbuster science fiction movies." Nonetheless, a film adaptation The True History of Planets was created and released in the 2000s.

In one universe, Fuchas made a movie about cowboys instead of The True History of Planets. This alarmed the rulers of the planet of the cowboys. (PROSE: Mad Dogs and Englishmen)

Behind the scenes Edit

John Fuchas is a fictionalised version of George Lucas.

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