John Farrel was the founder and manager of Farrel Plastics, the husband of Mary Farrel and the father of Rex Farrel. His son took over the business when he retired.

In the 1970s, McDermott alerted him to the changes introduced by the Master. When Farrel arrived, he was very upset when he learned McDermott was dead. According to Rex, McDermott had suddenly died while testing one of the factory's new products, a plastic chair.

Farrel personally met the Master and was almost hypnotised, but his strong mind prevented it from working. He warned Rex to get rid of the Master or he would come out of retirement and take over the running of Farrel Plastics again, before leaving for home. Before he left, the Master put a Nestene-controlled plastic troll doll in Farrel's car.

Farrel later brought the doll inside his house and showed it to Mary. When she went to make some coffee, the doll attacked and killed Farrel. (TV: Terror of the Autons)

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