John Debney composed the incidental music and the theme arrangement for the 1996 Doctor Who TV movie. Although several people, including him, won Emmy Awards after having worked on Doctor Who, he's one of the very few people to have two Emmies before starting work on Doctor Who. He had already won for the theme music to SeaQuest DSV and for the score to The Young Riders. Immediately after Doctor Who, he won again — this time with his Doctor Who partner Louis Febre — for The Cape.

His credit list is extremely lengthy, as he is a much in-demand composer. However, his most noted scores include: The Emperor's New Groove, The Passion of the Christ (which garnered him an Oscar nod), The Ant Bully, Liar Liar, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Inspector Gadget, Spy Kids, The Princess Diaries, Cats & Dogs, The Scorpion King, Bruce Almighty, Elf, Snow Dogs and Sin City.

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