John Brent, known behind his back as "John the Martian", was a friend of Susan Foreman and Gillian Roberts at Coal Hill School in 1963.

John Brent first met Susan on the first day of school at Coal Hill School, which she would later recall as one of the only reasons she liked the human race. John became close friends with her. He began to develop deeper feeling for her.

Gillian compared him to the Mekon, the enemy of Dan Dare in the British children's comic Eagle, giving him the nickname "the Martian", in spite of the fact that the Mekon was Venusian.

In March 1963, he, Susan and Gillian began to build snowmen together. They were horrified when the snowmen came to life and killed students and teachers.

His life was changed completely when his father was killed during the invasion of the Cold. Afterwards, he went to live with his mother. He went to Cambridge University. Many years later, he won a Nobel Prize. (PROSE: Time and Relative)

Personality Edit

John enjoyed classical music. He disliked 1960s pop music.

John was afraid of Russians and any beings who were different, including aliens. When the Cold began taking over, he believed it was the Russians' doing. He was disturbed by Susan's distance and difference. He thought she was a Russian spy. He seemed equally disturbed when he learned she was an alien.

Early on, John showed feelings for Susan. He lost these feelings after he discovered she had two hearts. He still remained friends with her.

John was heartbroken when his father was killed by the Cold Warriors. He was enraged at Gillian for not being grateful. He also wanted to seek revenge on the Cold for the death of his father and was disappointed when it was only moved to the future of Pluto. (PROSE: Time and Relative)

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