Joey Two Trees was a Seminole scout who helped the United States Deputy Marshal Bass Reeves track down wanted men in the Indian Territory.

In 1880, Reeves and Joey saved Bill Potts from being held hostage by the wanted killer Seth Shelton, and had Shelton arrested, intending him to be taken to Arkansas to stand trial. Joey showed the Twelfth Doctor and Reeves that a stag had its heart ripped out of its body. They saw a group of Stikini carry Bill away to a ceremony being performed by the Seminole medicine woman Totika. Joey created a distraction for the Stikini while the Doctor and Reeves freed Bill. However, the ceremony caused Bill to swap her body with the Stikini Cocheta in the Red Skies, a region in the Dreamspace the Stikini were native to. The Doctor incapacitated Cocheta with his sonic screwdriver, and Reeves and Joey helped the Doctor tie up Cocheta so the Doctor could speak to Bill in the Dreamspace. When Bill and the Seminole banished by Totika escaped from the Dreamspace, Reeves and Joey saved the Doctor's life before the Stikini's bodies were forced back into the Red Skies. Reeves and Joey destroyed the totem used in Totika's ceremonies. Afterwards, the sky opened up, and the group saw the Stikini get burnt by an unknown force in the Red Skies. (COMIC: The Parliament of Fear)

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