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Joseph "Joe" Carnaby was a Were Lord and companion of the Sixth Doctor.


Early life[]

Joe was the son of Lord Lycaon and brother of Selene and fled from the Eternal War with them and the other Were Lords to Greece in 1500 BC. In the 12th century, he became aware of the Doctor and studied him for centuries.

In 1693, Joe posed as a peasant in the Salem witch trials and allowed the Doctor to rescue him. Another time, he pretended to be a wounded World War I soldier. He gained access to the TARDIS and learnt from the TARDIS information system of the Were Lords' destruction at the hands of humans in the 59th century, leading him to formulate a plan to prevent it. He learnt how to pilot the TARDIS from the secondary console room and planned to trick the Doctor into unwittingly preventing the Were Lords' extinction. (AUDIO: Brightly Shone The Moon That Night)

Travels in the TARDIS[]

By the 1980s, (AUDIO: Blood on Santa's Claw) Joe lived in a flat in London's Chelsea district, where he worked as a successful musician and pop star. During his career, he filmed a variety of music videos (AUDIO: I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day) and at some point became acquainted with Paul McCartney of the The Beatles. (AUDIO: Blood on Santa's Claw) He performed at Live Aid and on Top of the Pops and was so successful that in the 59th century and its proliferation of religions, he was one of many pop stars worshipped as a deity. While doing a performance on Top of the Pops, Joe met Peri Brown, who he saw dancing in the audience. Because of her status as a companion of the Sixth Doctor, (AUDIO: I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day) he deliberately grew closer to her to advance his plans, (AUDIO: Brightly Shone The Moon That Night) and eventually became Peri's boyfriend. Their relationship advanced to a point where Peri asked him to join her and the Doctor on their travels through time. He agreed, and the night before he left with them in the TARDIS, the pair spent the evening together at the Gargoyle Club, where they shared a few drinks and danced together. (AUDIO: I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day)

After two trips with the Doctor and Peri, Joe used his skill of piloting the TARDIS to secretly bring them to the Earth colony planet Naxios in the 59th century. Here, he planned to for them to free the enslaved animals who were being forced to mine the silver that was used to build the weapons employed against the Were Lords. (AUDIO: Brightly Shone The Moon That Night) Upon first exiting the TARDIS, the trio found themselves at the mouth of one of the silver mines. (AUDIO: Blood on Santa's Claw) Knowing the silver would expose his true identity, Joe faked a fear of tunnels to avoid entering, (AUDIO: Brightly Shone The Moon That Night) and waited at the mouth of the tunnel, where a pair of waistcoat wearing animals named Toad and Ratty found him and invited him to tea. Joe accepted the offer and stay with them until they were called to work in the mines. He was reunited with Peri and the Doctor a few hours later, true to Joe's expectations, they meddled in Naxios affairs and successfully liberated the animal slaves. (AUDIO: Blood on Santa's Claw)

After the triumph on Naxios, Joe directed the TARDIS to the Ishtar institute. At the Ishtar institute, prospective parents could test a prospective child, by a technology that implanted embryos into incubator shells and determined how the child would be at any age and test various scenarios. (AUDIO: The Baby Awakes) Secretly, rejected embryos were being funnelled towards a government project where the army turned them into supersoldiers with mercury blood specifically engineered to combat the Were Lords. In coming here, Joe intended for the Doctor and Peri to dismantle the project. (AUDIO: Brightly Shone The Moon That Night) They found Shreela, one of the discarded children who wanted to expose the Ishtar insitute, wandering outside the perimeter fence. After bringing her into the TARDIS and recovering what was left of Shreela's memories, the Doctor chose to investigate the institute. Peri and Joe posed as "Peri and Joe Smith," a couple interested in having babies designed by the Ishtar institute. The plan was for them to discard one of their children so that the Doctor could track what became of it. (AUDIO: The Baby Awakes)

The institute engineered three children for Joe and Peri: Paul, Janey and Michael. After testing several scenarios with the kids, including a day at the beach and reading Brer Rabbit stories, time came to give one up. While Joe showed very little care or concern, Peri was very distressed at the thought of casting away one of her children and viewed them like real family. Eventually, she convinced Joe to try one more scenario with the children as teenagers. When Cordeline, the assistant head of Ishtar, tried to initiate the aging process, things went seriously awry and the children turned into large, furry monsters. Although Peri and Joe managed to escape, the children attacked one of the other Ishtar institute customers and disappeared into the surrounding forest. While Peri was confused and frightened by what happened, (AUDIO: The Baby Awakes) Joe knew the real reason that Paul, Janey and Michael changed so drastically was because of his Were Lord DNA. (AUDIO: Brightly Shone The Moon That Night) He deflected, by suggesting the transformation could have been the result of something contracted by Peri on her extensive travels. Following this disaster, a confrontation occurred in which Shreela confronted the institute and exposed what they had done. (AUDIO: The Baby Awakes) The outcry against it cause the project to be shut down and the supersoldiers returned to their families, effectively putting an end to the soldiers engineered to counteract the Were Lords. (AUDIO: Brightly Shone The Moon That Night)

Freeing the Were Lords and death[]

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When they landed on Tate Galactic, Joe tried to convince Peri that living the life she lived with the Doctor would eventually get her killed. (AUDIO: I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day) Peri soon deduced that he was, in reality, one of the Were Lords and the one responsible for their recent journeys, so she launched both of them out of an airlock. When he and Selene confronted her and the Doctor, Peri killed him with their son Paul's weapon. (AUDIO: Brightly Shone The Moon That Night)


Joe was a relaxed person who was enthusiastic about music and cared little about going out of his ways to meddle in other people's affairs. (AUDIO: Blood on Santa's Claw) Although he was in a romantic relationship with Peri, he showed little of the deep empathy for others that she did, often acting indifferent to things that affected her greatly. (AUDIO: The Baby Awakes) Underneath this exterior, Joe was a manipulative person that was willing to go through long and elaborate plans to get what he wanted. The care for Peri he pretended to have was merely a façade and he had no qualms about using her for his own means. He showed disdain for the concern she had for helping others and felt both she and the Doctor were foolish for playing along with his manipulations. (AUDIO: Brightly Shone The Moon That Night)


Joe was a musician with sufficient skill and charisma to gain widespread and enduring fame. (AUDIO: I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day) In addition to his musical talent, he also taught himself how to operate the TARDIS from its secondary control room. (AUDIO: Brightly Shone The Moon That Night)

Behind the scenes[]

In Brightly Shone The Moon That Night, Joe mentions that he had lived among humans for 7,000 years. However, he initially joined Peri and the Doctor in 1985, which would only be about 3,500 years since the Were Lords arrived on Earth. It's unclear whether this was an error, if Joe was referring to the original timeline where all the Were Lords died in the 59th century or if it suggests complexities in his own personal timeline that were not fully explained.