Count Jodafra was an Oblivioner and the uncle of Destrii. Like Destrii and other members of his race, they were genetically manipulated by a plague, making no two individuals alike. He took the form of a humanoid lion. (COMIC: Oblivion)

He attempted to help a Windigo by feeding it children but was stopped by Destrii. He then turned on her and beat her, leaving her near death. (COMIC: Bad Blood)

Jodafra was later led to an abandoned time machine, the Rangiroa, by Fey Truscott-Sade where he took control of the former pioneers and geniuses on board, calling it his "Kingdom of Tears". He hired Gol Clutha and her band of mercenaries to capture the Twelfth Doctor and Bill out of revenge, believing him to have hired Fey, although the Doctor did not know why he thought this. After the ship was attacked by the Clockwise Men, the Doctor managed to convince Jodafra he was not behind Fey's actions.

Escaping to his time machine, the Salvation, alongside the Doctor, Bill and Gol, Jodafra pretended to help the Doctor get his TARDIS back up and running by siphoning energy from his own ship. However, he later showed that he had betrayed the Doctor by swapping the settings to power up the Salvation instead, but the Doctor had anticipated this and swapped the settings back in advance. Enraged, Jodafra attempted to attack the Doctor, but was stopped in the entropy bubble outside by Fey who, against the Doctor's wishes, threw him into the Clockwise Men, ageing him to death as the Rangiroa collapsed as well. (COMIC: The Clockwise War)

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