Dr Jocelyn Stevens, once known as Thomas Stevens, was the director of the Global Chemicals oil refinery at Llanfairfach.

Stevens had been taken over by BOSS, and tried to stop the Third Doctor and UNIT from shutting down the refinery.

The Doctor used a Metebelis crystal to help Stevens regain control of his mind. Stevens then supposedly sacrificed himself by triggering an explosion which destroyed BOSS and the refinery. (TV: The Green Death)

Global Conspiracy

Jocelyn with BOSS in the BBC. HOMEVID: Global Conspiracy?

However, Stevens was not killed but in fact survived the disaster. He sometime after went on to become Director-General of the BBC.

Twenty years later, he was once again under the influence of the computer known as BOSS. He had been under BOSS' influence ever since the Llanfairfach incident. (HOMEVID: Global Conspiracy?)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The Minister of Ecology reveals that Stevens's first name is Jocelyn during their telephone conversation. However, in the novelisation of The Green Death, he is given the first name of Thomas.
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